Xi3 EcoLease Green IT Program

Xi3 Corporation’s EcoLeaseSM Program is the perfect solution for big savings on amazing products.

The enormous 80-90% energy savings of Xi3® Modular™ Computer solutions, coupled with the small monthly lease payments of the Xi3 EcoLease Program, create a significant cost-saving – or even cash-generating – scenario for your business or organization.

Green IT

The low energy requirements of Xi3 Computers may even put money back in your bank account each month.

Even Friendlier on Your Budget

While Mother Earth will appreciate your use of low-energy Xi3 Modular Computers, your organization's owners, head of finance, and/or shareholders will praise your savvy use of the Xi3 EcoLease Program even more. Offset your monthly lease payments with the money you save in energy costs. In many states with higher than average electricity costs, the monthly energy savings may entirely offset your monthly lease payments. And in some cases, the low energy requirements of Xi3 Modular Computer solutions may even put money back in your bank account each month.*

Calculate Your Savings Right Now

It takes less than 5 minutes to figure out how much your organization can save with the handy-dandy Xi3 EcoLease Calculator. Fill in four simple fields and voilà! You've got a quick and accurate monthly savings comparison between leasing new Xi3 Modular Computers on the EcoLease Program versus continuing to pay to run your energy-hungry desktop computers each month.

Depreciate Your Savings for Up to 5 Years

Many computer leasing plans only offer payment options of up to 36 months. This is due to rapid advances in technology and the built-in obsolescence of traditional desktop computers from the moment they are purchased.

Due to the extended useful life of Xi3 Modular Computers, however, you can almost always qualify for longer lease terms of 48 to 60 months. This means even lower monthly lease payments and even larger savings per month over a longer term.

To learn more about Xi3's green IT, contact us at – (801) 478-3800 or sales@xi3.com

* DISCLAIMER: Projections outlined above are based upon the estimates of Xi3 Corporation; actual results may vary. Suggested energy savings described within the Xi3 EcoLease Program and/or EcoLease Calculator will vary based upon locale, utility rates, configuration of existing computers and new Xi3 Modular Computers, lease rates and terms, and other variables, and may or may not be better than other leasing programs. Leases available OAC (On Approved Credit.)