Energy Efficient Computing

Xi3 Corporation's efficient computing aims to keep the world green by filling it with green machines.

Would you rather run one 60 Watt lamp or up to three Xi3® Computers at the same time? Xi3 Modular™ Computers get a lot more work done on only 10% of the energy it takes to run a comparable PC.

Efficient Computing

It’s about time someone made a computer that runs this efficiently.

Process This Information

Xi3 Computers are fully capable of running x86-based 64-bit operating systems on only one-tenth of the power it takes for other machines to do the same. The fast 1.65GHz dual-core processor of the Z3RO™ Pro Computer and blazing speed of the X7A Modular™ Computer’s 3.2GHz quad-core processor will literally save you time and energy on your computer tasks.

Cut the Noise

Less energy passing through your computer means less heat, which ultimately means less cooling that needs to take place. Xi3 Computers push less heat, noise, and dust into your workspace making both you and Earth just a bit more comfortable.

Energy Savings Calculator

Operating on up to 90% less electricity than traditional computers and servers, Xi3 Modular Computers and microSERV3Rs can save enterprises thousands or millions of dollars annually in operating and cooling costs. Click here to calculate your savings.

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