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{{savingsByYear(1) | currency}}
{{savingsByYear(1)/1000000000 | currency}} BN
$999,999.99 BN+

1-Year Energy Savings

{{savingsByYear(3) | currency}}
{{savingsByYear(3)/1000000000 | currency}} BN
$999,999.99 BN+

3-Year Energy Savings

{{savingsByYear(5) | currency}}
{{savingsByYear(5)/1000000000 | currency}} BN
$999,999.99 BN+

5-Year Energy Savings

Energy savings cited represent typical usage and may vary based upon configuration, number of workstations, state or province, or other factors. The shape of the three-sided single piece Chassis, the end plate, and the overall shape of the Xi3 Modular Computer, as well as Xi3, Modular and Xi3 Modular are trademarks and unique trade dress of Xi3 Corporation. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. © 2013 Xi3 Corporation. All Rights Reserved.