Xi3 Digital Signage Systems

The Xi3® Computer Architecture is designed to maximize CPU and graphics capability for digital signage systems.

With the emergence of digital signage systems as one of the most effective communication mediums available, Xi3 stands ready to deliver information, advertisements and broadcast content to digital displays. Whether you use Xi3 Modular™ Computers or Xi3’s Z3RO™ Pro Computers, each Xi3 machine delivers stunning graphics, HD video content and excellent processing power. In addition to enjoying the latest high tech processing on your digital signage systems, you can run multiple displays from one computer.

Digital Signage Systems

Xi3 delivers stunning graphics, HD video and excellent processing power!

Small Size

Xi3 Modular Computers are about the size of a softball at 4.27x3.65x3.65-inches. The Z3RO Pro Computer is even smaller at 4.9x3.7x1.9-inches. The small size of these computers means they can be installed in almost any environment.


Each Xi3 computer is loaded with many I/O options, including multiple USB, eSATA and Mini-DisplayPort connectors, and more. For example, the X5A Modular™ Computer has the capability to run up to 8 separate USB-driven monitors simultaneously, perfect for digital signage systems.

HD Video Playback

Xi3 machines support high definition video playback up to 1080p and screen resolution of up to 4096x2160. The Z3RO Pro Computer, for example, leverages the AMD Radeon design for discrete-level graphics, which offers a great visual computing experience for digital signage systems.

Low Energy Consumption

Xi3 Computers are some of the most eco-friendly and green power-user computers on the planet. The lower power consumption of Xi3 machines allows media organizations and marketing companies to capitalize on digital signage systems while reducing operational costs through lowered, eco-friendly “green” power consumption. Learn more about Xi3 low energy consumption by visiting our green computing page.

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