Education IT Solutions Inspired by Xi3

Discover the Xi3® formula for smarter education IT solutions in campus libraries, computer labs, data centers and more.

Schools often struggle with limited desktop space and confined computer labs. The ultra-small Xi3 Modular™ Computers can be mounted behind monitors or under desks. Plus the low-power requirement enables more computers to be used without flipping a breaker in old wiring systems. Xi3 Modular Computers, like the X5A Modular™ Computer and X7A Modular™ Computer, create significant energy savings due to their low energy consumption rates. These computers have an extended useful life of 6-10 years due to Xi3’s patented building block approach. Together these attributes make Xi3's education IT solutions perfect for campuses everywhere.

Education IT Solutions

These tiny computers create huge savings on campuses.

Case Study – Penn State

Find out how Xi3 matches Penn State’s dedication to sustainability. Click here to view the case study.

The Classroom

Keep your information safe and your desktop tidy with a Z3RO™ Pro Computer mounted to the back of your display. The quick dual-core processor and Solid-State Drive make for fast, efficient and quiet computing.

Computer Labs

Kids already bring enough energy into the lab as is, so why not use Xi3 education IT solutions and bring that energy down? Each unit can run two displays at once, which can make for a more efficient workspace while running on a mere 15-40 Watts. Also, Xi3 machines take up hardly any space leaving your room open for even more activities!

Secure Systems

Xi3 computers are made of lightweight aluminum, which makes them perfect for permanent or semi-permanent mounting on flat surfaces or on the backs of computer displays. The threat of someone walking off with a computer containing important information is greatly minimized by a computer that is securely fastened. Mount it to the back of a display or desk surface using an Xi3 VESA Mount or Xi3 Universal Mount.

Higher Ed

Xi3 Corporation's education IT solutions doesn’t limit itself to grade school classrooms. Xi3’s unique structure allows multiple processing cores to be linked together in a small space. Libraries and labs can run efficiently and quietly when powered by Xi3. Even the outside Chassis can proudly boast the university logo and school colors. It’s a perfect solution for the thousands of computers it takes to run your entire campus.

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