Xi3 Embedded Computer Applications

The three U-shaped Processor Boards in each Xi3® Modular™ Computer enable Xi3 to create some of the smallest embedded computers imaginable with high technical specs and processing power.

The small form factor opens a multitude of new applications for 64-bit, x86-based embedded computing, such as kiosks, avionics, electronic subsystems for armored combat vehicles (vetronics) and more embedded computers.

Embedded Computers

Perfect for kiosks, robotics, in-vehicle systems and so much more!


Save valuable space by powering your kiosk with a conveniently small Xi3 Modular Computer or Z3RO™ Pro Computer. Easily connect to a customized or standard user interface to power up your business. Whether you have 100 or 10,000 customers using your kiosks daily, Xi3 computers carry the computing power to tackle the job.

Military Applications

By supporting x86-based 64-bit operating systems and software, Xi3 embedded computers provide new options for military applications. Xi3 computers are designed, engineered and assembled in the United States. To learn more, please visit our Government Section.


Conserve the limited space in your vehicle designs without sacrificing power or performance. Xi3’s unique tri-board Computer Architecture and Solid-State Drive fit perfectly into Xi3’s solid metal Chassis to provide superior protection against the constant rattling and shaking that accompany road travel.

Medical/Public Safety

Amplify efficiency in medical systems and public safety vehicles by getting big time performance in a small, compact computer. Power up X-ray machines, ultrasounds, MRIs, sirens, switch boxes, radars, monitors and more with Xi3 embedded computers.

And So Much More

The beauty of embedded computers is that the possibilities are endless. If you can conceive it, Xi3 computers have the power necessary to achieve it.

To learn more about Xi3's embedded computers, contact us at – (801) 478-3800 or email sales@xi3.com.