Xi3 Government IT Solutions

The modular design of Xi3® Modular™ Computers helps meet the demands of high-bandwidth signal processing, high-resolution video and computationally complex battlefield and vehicle management, required by government IT solutions.

Xi3 government IT solutions are built to be everything that an agency or military unit should be: fast, efficient, and durable. These machines can run all of your daily operations for up to 10 years, while consuming only 10% of a comparable PC’s power.

Government IT Solutions

Efficient and fast for the office; rugged and capable for the field.

Responsible Spending – Reliable Performance

Government offices can save immensely on energy costs while still executing administrative, accounting, and other functions using Xi3 government IT solutions. Running on just 15-40 Watts, Xi3 computers carry high computing power with a tiny energy footprint. Combine this efficiency with the projected 8-10 year life span of these computers and watch the savings add up.


Xi3 offers Trusted Platform Module (TPM) chips as an option for secure computing. You can also keep track of who has access to which computer(s) using the different Chassis colors available from Xi3. For example, computers housed in red-colored Chassis could be limited to Top Secret clearance, with yellow Chassis signifying Secret access and green Chassis offering non-secure computing.

Custom Configurations

Xi3’s one-of-a kind Backplate is customizable according to your needs. Not every department is the same, so why should each computer be the same? Get the ports that work for you and remove the ones that don’t. It’s simple.

Public Information

Libraries, DMV’s, airports, post offices and many other government facilities have digital signage for informational purposes. Run two displays from a Z3RO™ Pro Computer or three displays from a single X7A Modular™ Computer. Don’t forget that these computers run on 90% less energy than typical PC’s and you can imagine the extra savings in energy and supplies from our government IT solutions.

Field Ready

The Xi3 Chassis is made of anodized aluminum that makes it lightweight, strong, and perfect for mobile deployment in the field. The Xi3 VESA Mount can secure an Xi3 computer to the frame or wall of an agency shuttle van, military Humvee, or even a helicopter. Troops in the military can even haul Xi3 computers in their packs from location to location without the fear of damaging the unit.

Government Use Case for Xi3 Computers

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