Xi3 Healthcare IT Solutions

Xi3 Corporation’s unrivaled healthcare IT solutions provide the tools healthcare organizations need to update their infrastructure and reap the benefits of going “green.”

Xi3 Corporation’s low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) combined with future-proof modularity makes Xi3® Modular™ Computers attractive, cost-conscious machines perfect for healthcare IT solutions. Hospitals and healthcare providers may have hundreds to thousands of computers in their organizations. Running on a mere 15-40 Watts, imagine the energy savings with each Xi3 Computer running on only 10% of the electricity it takes to run a comparably equipped PC!

Healthcare IT Solutions

Spend time caring for your patients, not your devices.

Hospital Administration

The unique design of Xi3 Modular Computers allows for individual customization according to the needs of each department. Billing, admissions, and operations can utilize the functionality of dual-or triple-monitor support, customizable I/O ports, and enjoy the tiny desktop footprint of Xi3 machines.

Maintain Patient Data

A clean, tidy and quiet room can make for a better recovery. Doctors, nurses and other medical professionals need the ability to securely access and maintain patient data without the clutter of computers and cables. With our simple healthcare IT solutions, just mount an X7A Modular™ Computer or other Xi3 machine in a nursing station, attach it to the back of a computer display or embed it in a wall cabinet to eliminate clutter and prevent dust circulation.

The Best Medicine

Patients can browse the Internet, watch movies, or play games using an X7A Modular Computer from their bed. Family members or patrons in the waiting room can be entertained and informed through a Z3RO™ Pro Computer mounted to a wall display.

Emergency Vehicles

Mobile computing in an emergency response vehicle is difficult due to the limited availability of power and space. Xi3 computers, especially the Z3RO Pro Computer, are the perfect healthcare IT solutions for these issues. The small size of these computers helps save valuable space while the solid construction keeps the internal components safe and secure.

Xi3 Healthcare Use Case

Find out how Xi3's unrivaled hardware solutions provide the tools healthcare organizations need to update their infrastructures and reap the benefits of going green. Click here to read more.

Xi3 to Transform the Patient Room of the Future with Intermountain Healthcare

Xi3 is a founding member of Intermountain Healthcare's new Transformation Lab. Intermountain Healthcare and Xi3 are collaborating in ICUs and ERs to prove I.T. innovation can produce better patient outcomes at lower costs.

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