SLID3 Storage Solutions

SLID3 Data Storage Solutions

SLID3 Storage Solutions Overview

Rely on SLID3™ Storage Solutions to provide maximum security for your most important files, a centralized solution to long-term data archiving and storage. SLID3 Storage Solutions can slide onto the Chassis of any Xi3® computer, making it easy to increase storage capacity in minutes.


Data Storage Solutions


SLID3 drives come in a hybrid solution that delivers the data transfer rates of Solid-State Drives (SSDs) with some of the cost advantages associated with spinning media as the integrated SSDs serving as short-term cache and the spinning media serving as long-term storage. These SSHD SLID3 drives are available in 1TB or 2TB versions and have blindingly fast data transfer rates of up to 6Gbs. To learn more about Xi3's SLID3 Data Storage Solutions, contact us here.


Easily Attachable

The SLID3 Chassis easily slides onto any Xi3 computer. With industry standard eSATAp connectors, moving data back and forth between your Xi3 machine and SLID3 Data Storage Solutions is a snap.

Xi3 SLIDE Data Storage Solutions
Secure Data Storage Solutions


Xi3’s Error-Correcting Algorithm (ECA) and load balancing features give your SSD SLID3 the longest-lasting data platform and greatest reliability rates on the planet. Forget about the stress of losing important data; with SLID3 Data Storage Solutions you can rest easy knowing your data is secure.


Extremely Low Energy Use

The SLID3 operates on a surprisingly low 5-6 Watts. Combine this with its incredible storage capabilities and you have a device that saves you money while delivering the high performance your business requires. To learn more about Xi3's green technology, visit our Green IT page.

Energy Efficient Data Storage Solutions
Xi3 SLID3 Data Storage Solutions

Tech Specs

  • Storage Capacity
    • SLID3 Spinning: 1TB or 2TB
    • SLID3 SSD: 256GB, 512GB, or 1TB
    • SLID3 Hybrid: 1TB or 2TB
  • Media Options
    • SLID3 Spinning
    • SLID3 SSD
    • SLID3 Hybrid (Spinning and SSD combo)
  • eSATAp Connectors
  • Power: 5-6 Watts
  • External Size: 4.95x1.78x3.65-inches