About Xi3 Corporation

Xi3 Corporation creates incredibly small, adaptable, lower-cost computers, servers and other devices. With its award-winning and patented Xi3® Computer Architecture as its foundational point of differentiation, Xi3 Corporation delivers modular I.T. solutions to customers throughout North America and around the globe.

Beginning with its modular and multi-piece motherboard system, Xi3 Corporation has a family of small form factor and extremely energy efficient x86-based, 64-bit computers known as Xi3 Modular™ Computers. Based upon that same technology, Xi3’s product lineup includes complementary servers and other enterprise class machines, technologies and products.

Xi3 Corporation

There is a better way! Welcome to the Xi3 Revolution!

What is the meaning of the name Xi3?


One of the great benefits of the Xi3 approach to computer architecture is its ability to easily configure a computer to meet any specific requirement. In this way, Xi3 technology breaks the mold by separating the traditional motherboard into three miniaturized and interconnected boards. This tri-board approach allows Xi3 Corporation and its partners to easily meet a vast array of computing needs by defining and creating miniaturized boards with varied I/O or processing capabilities, all within the same modular Xi3 computer architecture.


The world is moving information faster than ever before. One of the biggest problems facing the Information Technology industry today is the variety and sources of data and information that need access to processing power. The Xi3 Computer Architecture allows IT engineers and developers the ability to focus their efforts on their specific design requirements. The result is faster development times at a reduced cost.


Since the invention of the computer, traditional computer designs have been stuck in a 2-Dimensional world. The forward-thinking Xi3 Computer Architecture uses the power of geometry to unlock a smaller, more compact design than traditional computer systems.

After much research and development, the cube was determined to be the most effective design for a universal computing platform. Through this patented approach, Xi3 provides the building blocks for the future in custom computer development and design, enabling people and companies to do more with less.

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