Xi3 dataCENT3Rs

Data Storage Centers

Xi3 Data Storage Overview

Data Storage Centers no longer need to fit into traditional rooms and racks! The Xi3® dataCENT3R™ family of server data storage solutions offer extreme portability, smaller footprints, several mounting options and several levels of computing prowess.

Data Storage Solution

Motorized dataCENT3R

Engineered for extreme portability, this dataCENT3R can hold up to 224 microSERV3Rsor Xi3 Modular™ Computers. Such server and computer density is virtually unheard of, especially in a motorized or mobile environment.

Data Storage Centers

FreeForm dataCENT3R

In a clustered design, it can simultaneously support up to 96 microSERV3Rs and other Xi3 devices for distributed data centers, mobile supercomputing, multimedia rendering and more. With Xi3’s FreeFrom dataCENT3R, data storage centers can now be conceived as architectural elements, as design statements, as art.

Xi3 Data Centers

Personal dataCENT3R

Xi3 takes advantage of the 16-inch on center standard for in-wall studs used in commercial and home construction to provide unique, out-of-the-way server data storage solutions for both business and home use. Personal dataCENT3Rs utilize Xi3’s mounting solutions to provide an easy way to attach and detach up to nine Xi3 microSERV3Rs or other Xi3 devices inside a Personal dataCENT3R.

Xi3 dataCENT3Rs

Industrial dataCENT3R

Designed to bring servers and computers directly to the shop floor, the standard Industrial dataCENT3R is a dust- and water-resistant enclosure that measures 20x16x9-inches (height-width-depth) and can securely contain up to 12 Xi3 microSERV3Rsor other Xi3 machines using Xi3’s unique mounting solutions.

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