Xi3® prides itself on building green computers that are both powerful and efficient. With eye-catching design and solid performance Xi3 Modular Computers promise to impress. From functioning just as a thin client to basic data functions or high-end graphic rendering, Xi3 desktop computers have what it takes to get the job done.

Xi3 Green Computers Desktops and Thin Clients

Xi3 NUC Core OEM

Xi3 NUC Mini-PC

The Xi3 NUC is an ultra compact computer Driven by either the Intel® Core i5 or Intel® Core i3 processor making it the ideal solution for desktop applications.

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X5A Modular Green Computers

X5A Modular Computer

Powered by an AMD dual-core processor, the X5A offers robust functionaty for essential daily tasks. It works great for desktop, enterprise and embedded applications.

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X7A Green Computers

X7A Modular Computer

More power. More features. This quad-core powerhouse workstation is designed to conquer any high-end task. Perfect for gamers, engineers and power users alike.

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Z3RO Pro Green Computers

Z3RO Pro Computer

This ultra-economical green computer comes in a package smaller than most thin clients, runs as a fully functional PC, consumes only 15 Watts, and runs dual monitors.

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Xi3 NUC Core OEM

XMedia Player

You want a high-impact digital signage strategy, but how do you manage the complexity of hardware options, software, and content management? The XMedia Player is your all-in-one answer.

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Amazingly Adaptable Green Computers

Future-proof modularity makes Xi3 Modular Computers a very tinker-friendly machine. Easily upgrade Boards with new I/O, processor, and storage improvements as technology advances – without having to scrap your original investment.


Enourmously Efficient Green Computers

Xi3's Green Computers can run on as little as 10% of the energy it takes for similarly equipped machines to run x86-based 64-bit operating systems.


Suprisingly Small Green Computers

These ultra-small green computers are incredibly durable, creating an attractive, yet tiny footprint on desktops, in server racks or embedded in larger specialty systems.

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