PISTON Console Gaming Computer

Performance. Power. Portability.

Gaming Computer with Three Displays

Displays x 3

With native triple monitor support, the PISTON Console gaming computer offers a truly immersive experience. Surround yourself with vivid visuals supported by 384 graphics cores that deliver stunningly smooth gameplay and uninterrupted gaming action.

Gaming Computer

Unlock the World of Entertainment With One Box

Game. Surf the web. Load computer applications. Download or stream movies, music, or TV shows. Do it all with the only console that has no limits, the PISTON Console. When it comes to entertainment there’s only one PISTON.

PISTON Console Gaming Computer

Built with Upgradability in Mind

The PISTON is loaded with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of SSD storage. If that’s not enough for you now, or sometime down the road, remember this console is “modular” and can be modified to hold up to two 512GB mSATA SSDs. Can you name any other consoles that can house 1TB of super-fast (6Gbps) of solid-state storage? Plus, you can upgrade your PISTON with new I/O Boards as technology advances.

3 Ways to Play This Gaming Computer

3 Ways to Play

Some games just play better under certain circumstances. We get it. That’s why the PISTON Console gives you three ways to play. Kick back on your couch with a controller if you want. Immerse yourself in the game with a mouse and keyboard at the desk if that’s more your style. In fact, if a virtual reality peripheral is your thing, then go right ahead. Since the PISTON works in any setting, we’re going to give you a nice sampler of pre-loaded games to play. The PISTON Console gaming computer is the only console on the market that caters to any gamer’s preference.

Online Gaming Computer

Keep Your Cool in the Heat of the Battle

Most gaming computers use so much electricity you could fry an egg on ‘em. Not so with the PISTON Console as it uses less power than most household lightbulbs. That means a lower power bill, plus the fact that your PISTON will never rage quit on you. To learn more about the PISTON Console gaming computer,contact us here.

Powerful Gaming Computer

Powerful Gaming Computer

Gaming supremacy starts with a powerful system, and Xi3’s PISTON Console comes packed with a 3.2 GHz AMD Trinity Processor, Radeon 7000-Series GPU and 8GB DDR3 Gaming RAM. Never lag behind gaming standards with the only console that’s also an upgradeableModular™ Computerthat keeps up with the latest technology in the industry.

Unbelievably Small

The PISTON Console is an engineering masterpiece. Coming in at just over 4-inches per side, its stylishly sleek package is perfect for LAN parties, tournaments and travel. In fact, it’s so small you can hide it from your envious friends.

Multipurpose Gaming

So Much More Than a Console

Hard-core gamers will love the powerful, immersive experience the PISTON gaming computer provides. It’s a multipurpose machine that is also perfect for other activities, like high performance computing, home theater, and home automation control – just to name a few.